Help And Tracking

The concept of road freight is straightforward.

AWB Tracking
Replace SHIPPER with the appropriate code from the list below and NUMBER with your tracking number(for air cargo use number format 123-12345678).
Commodity code finder
Commodity codes, or tariff codes, are part of the Harmonized System (HS) for the classification of goods. They are used to assist with customs clearance and to calculate the correct duties and taxes for the items in your consignment.
You can use our Commodity Code Finder tool to search the UK government website for the code you need. If you find this difficult to navigate, try using the Google Search option instead. All you need to do is enter a simple descriptive keyword such as “books”, “socks” or “shoes”.
For personal effects, use 9905 00 00 (subject to change). For commodity code enquiries, please contact
Eori Number
EORI format: GB123456789000 The EORI (Economic Operator Registration Number) was introduced to improve security of all imports and exports entering and leaving the European Union. All companies exporting outside of the EU should have an EORI number.Click here for more information.
Please note: this tool is an EU EORI number validator. From 1st January 2021, businesses will require separate UK and EU EORI numbers.
Dangerous goods and prohibited items

The following restrictions apply to all services offered on our website. However, it is highly advisable to also check the policy of your chosen carrier as further restrictions may apply.
We also recommend that you check with customs at the destination country that you wish to send to, as each country has different policies as to what will be accepted into the country. If you are in any doubt, please contact our customer services team.