Over the last years we have established relationships with industry partners and we are firmly positioned to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf. Special spot rates may also be available on request.

Freight forwarding quotations are easily accessible online via our website. There is no obligation to buy or register with us.

Book air freight with ease. You can instantly compare the cost to send your freight by air with available airlines operating to your destination.

When possible we can also negotiate spot rates on your behalf, e.g. for particularly large shipments over 500kg.

express cargo phonenumber
express cargo phonenumber
express cargo phonenumber
Several departures per week.
We can arrange collection from anywhere.
Alternatively, you can deliver to us.
Airport-to-airport Air Freight Services

Our air freight services operate from airport to airport. You can either drop the goods at our drop-off depots yourself, or we can arrange to collect from you at an additional cost. Once the goods have been shipped to the destination airport, the consignee is responsible for collecting the goods and paying any local handling and clearance charges.

Consolidation Services

This greatly reduces the freight costs as the space is pre-booked in advance. It is longer than your standard express service, but it will be cost effective if you are not in a hurry.

Back to Back Services

Your freight is booked directly with the Airline and allocated its own Master Air Waybill. This service is very fast and reliable.

Door to Door Service

We provide a domestic and international courier service. We mainly provide door to door for such things as documents, sample shipments. This is an express services. Please use our parcel delivery service on our website to book directly